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If you believe that you are unique with an eye for detail and strive to explore your hidden creative side, then you are welcome among our Utopia Cloud family. The floor is yours! Go ahead and amaze us with your passion for creativity and artistic expertise!

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Designing, developing and providing support for a number of creative marketing solutions, including, posters, websites, magazines, mobile apps, advertising, displays, corporate communications, and corporate identity efforts.
  • Maintaining the support of the following: archiving assets, photos, printed projects, and marketing materials.
  • Updating the website of the company on a regular basis.
  • Interpreting data and research using charts, illustration, and typesetting.
  • Come out with creative ideas that will work across all platforms
  • Intelligently manage creative marketing requests.
  • Manage creative samples as well as promotional items, estimate sizes, and quantities, and determine the time and costs needed for creative and successful marketing solutions.
  • Support all the corporate and customer events such as meetings and tradeshows.
  • Manage development as well as the delivery of effective user interfaces through the use of customer websites and mobile apps.
  • Ensure that complex information is delivered and displayed in the best and most compelling way.
  • Maintain a special library of design components.
  • Develop and maintain a detailed and unique UI design style guide for use all across the agency.
  • Conduct and report back on UI design reviews for all customers on a quarterly basis.
  • Work with the Digital Analytics Manager in order to assess the impact of all UI design and usability changes.
  • Work with a specialized UX Design team to make sure that all customer websites and apps to deliver the best experience ever.

  • Skills Required:
  • Qualified and experienced UI/UX Designers that will be able to create great user experiences.
  • Gifted graphic artists at all levels say, tactically as well as conceptually.
  • Impressive experience and knowledge in responsive design.
  • Deep and excellent knowledge of Adobe Creative Sketch and Suite.
  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5/XHTML.
  • The ideal candidate should possess superior UI skills and have an eye for clean and artful design. The right candidate should also be able to translate requirements of high-level into interaction artifacts and flows and transform them into functional, beautiful, and intuitive user interfaces.
  • Amazing management skills. You’ll have to deal with many projects at various stages on a daily basis.
  • Must enjoy working in a professional and fast environment.
  • Must be a deadline project oriented.
  • BA/MA Degree in Graphic Design or equivalent degrees and experience are also welcomed.